Central & Eastern European Automotive Forum

20 - 21 November 2019

New York Palace Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

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The Adam Smith CEE Automotive Awards recognizes and celebrates top performers of the industry in Central and Eastern Europe. This new CEE Automotive Awards programme offers 10 categories for business achievements. The market nominates and votes. The winners will be chosen by the independent international advisory board that consists of 5 individuals from various organisations and geographical locations. Neutrality of the results is strictly controlled by the organising committee of the CEE Automotive Forum and supervised by the international advisory board.


OEM of the year
The award will honour a vehicle manufacturer that can demonstrate excellent working practices that have had a significant impact on the company through either turnover, sales, efficiency or productivity. The evidence would be improved financial performance (profit, turnover), improved productivity, quality of manufacturing/ engineering, encouragement of staff.


Supplier of the year
The award will celebrate an automotive supplier that demonstrates best-in-class performance in such criteria as technical performance, costs, customer service, sustainability, management, value for business. The winner would have exceeded all expectations of its’ customers and has delivered industry leading products.


Innovation of the year
The automotive industry is all about innovation. This award will honour a company that has created a technology, a product or a service, which has had a significant impact on the industry and improved automotive manufacturing processes. This can be a new or improved technology, product or service that has made a significant difference to the sector.


Technology of the year
Presented for innovative new hardware or software products, or generally-available IT services, which make a significant contribution to the automotive industry.


Investment project of the year
The award will celebrate the significance and success of an investment project completed within last 12 months that has brought outstanding results to the companies involved and had a great impact on the industry.


Newcomer of the year
This award will honour a company that is considered a rising star and has been recognised by its peers for their hard work, fresh innovative thinking, the delivery of effective solutions and the value they bring to their customers and the industry, demonstrating a star in the making.


Best R&D Centre of the year
It will honour R&D business unit that is recognized for its best model of R&D facilities.

green technology

Green technology of the year
The Award will celebrate the cutting edge technologies and innovators that are working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low carbon economy.


Best employer of the year
Celebrating companies seeing the best return on an investment in people, this Award recognises the employee strategy that best attracts, retains and develops talent – and how being an employer of choice contributes to sustainable growth.

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Contribution to the industry
Presented to individuals who show all the great attributes of leadership and who have made a significant contribution to the industry. Demonstrating excellence in their area for a number of years, grasping the wider concepts of the industry and effectively leading their team to new heights. Such outstanding individuals bring incomparable benefits to the industry.

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  • Generate a great marketing and PR story with content worth sharing

  • Engender increased confidence in your brand, product or service amongst your clients

  • Take home some great success stories to inspire and influence future performance and product development

  • Use it as a chance to recognise and acknowledge the employees who have contributed to the win

  • Be recognised by the industry of the whole CEE region as an achiever in your category

The 2019 judging process will rely on the expertise of the international experts whose background and experience include regulation, corporate leadership, manufacturing and technology. In selecting the winners, Adam Smith Conferences has no vote.

The judges will choose the finalists based on the criteria described for each category, taking into consideration, where appropriate, company profiles and financial performance in the designated period.

The finalists will be announced on the CEE Automotive Forum website on October 15, 2019. The winners will then be selected from the list of finalists at a special judging session. The winners will be announced and their awards will be presented at the ceremony to be held on 20 November, 2019, at New York Palace Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. The entry is free of charge for the CEE Automotive Forum participants.

The entry system is very straightforward – nominate who you think is the most deserving recipient of the Award in 2019, based on their performance or progress over the last 12 months. Provide rationale of why you think your nominee deserves the Award by 1 October 2019 >> NOMINATE

* You can nominate either your company or any other you believe deserves the Award
* In order to receive the Award, a representative of a Winner has to be present at the Ceremony
* In order to attend the Awards Ceremony, you must be registered for the CEE Automotive Forum. Please enquire about the conditions of your participation by contacting us on: o.adzhamoglyan@adamsmithconferences.com

Sponsoring CEE Automotive Awards

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