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20-21 October, 2021

Next CEE Automotive AWARDS will take place in 2022.

Please keep working hard to have a chance to win an Award in 2022!

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2019 CEE Automotive AWARDS Highlights


Supplier of the Year: Bilfinger Tebodin
Innovation of the Year: Breuckmann eMobility
Contribution to the Industry: Veolia
Investment project of the Year: Brose
Newcomer of the Year: SPINTO Hungaria

The Adam Smith CEE Automotive Awards recognizes and celebrates top performers of the industry in Central and Eastern Europe. This new CEE Automotive Awards programme offers a number of categories for business achievements. The market nominates. The winners will be chosen by the independent international advisory board that consists of a number of individuals from various organisations and geographical locations. Neutrality of the results is strictly controlled by the organising committee of the CEE Automotive Forum and supervised by the international advisory board.

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Supplier of the year
Exact Systems Hungary Kft.
Invenio QD LTD.
Bilfinger Tebodin - WINNER
For maintaining long-term relationships and completing successful projects with Skoda Auto such as:

- Design of the water management for the production plant Vrchlabí, Czech Republic
- Water management infrastructure for the whole production plant Kvasiny, Czech Republic
- Design of the main paint shops M11a and M11b Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
And others.

The award will celebrate an automotive supplier that demonstrates best-in-class performance in such criteria as technical performance, costs, customer service, sustainability, management, value for business. The winner would have exceeded all expectations of its’ customers and has delivered industry leading products.


Innovation of the year
Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech a.s.
Sika Automotive
Breuckmann eMobility - WINNER
For developing sustainable high-performance rotors free of rare earth materials.
The automotive industry is all about innovation. This award will honour a company that has created a technology, a product or a service, which has had a significant impact on the industry and improved automotive manufacturing processes. This can be a new or improved technology, product or service that has made a significant difference to the sector.

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Contribution to the industry
Priority Freight
Ivaylo Boiadjiyski, MSX International CEE S.r.o.
Veolia - WINNER
For designing and building zero carbon utilities for a number of car and component manufacturers throughout Europe.
Presented to individuals who show all the great attributes of leadership and who have made a significant contribution to the industry. Demonstrating excellence in their area for a number of years, grasping the wider concepts of the industry and effectively leading their team to new heights. Such outstanding individuals bring incomparable benefits to the industry.


Investment project of the year
SPINTO Hungaria Ltd
Porsche Werkzeugbau
Brose Prievidza - WINNER
For 58mln Euro investment project in Slovakia working on new technologies for electric cars (parking brake systems).
The award will celebrate the significance and success of an investment project completed within last 12 months that has brought outstanding results to the companies involved and had a great impact on the industry.


Newcomer of the year
Colakoglu Metallurgy
SPINTO Hungaria Ltd - WINNER

As a new modern tool manufacturer with great vision to keep manufacturing competitive in Europe and combine tool making tradition with low cost capabilities.
This award will honour a company that is considered a rising star and has been recognised by its peers for their hard work, fresh innovative thinking, the delivery of effective solutions and the value they bring to their customers and the industry, demonstrating a star in the making.

  • Generate a great marketing and PR story with content worth sharing

  • Engender increased confidence in your brand, product or service amongst your clients

  • Take home some great success stories to inspire and influence future performance and product development

  • Use it as a chance to recognise and acknowledge the employees who have contributed to the win

  • Be recognised by the industry of the whole CEE region as an achiever in your category

The 2019 judging process will rely on the expertise of the international experts whose background and experience include regulation, corporate leadership, manufacturing and technology. In selecting the winners, Adam Smith Conferences has no vote.

The judges will choose the finalists based on the criteria described for each category, taking into consideration, where appropriate, company profiles and financial performance in the designated period.

The finalists will be announced on the CEE Automotive Forum website on 8 November, 2019. The winners will then be selected from the list of finalists at a special judging session. The winners will be announced and their awards will be presented at the ceremony to be held on 20 November, 2019, at New York Palace Hotel in Budapest, Hungary.

The entry is free of charge for the CEE Automotive Forum participants and for all finalists announced.

The entry system is very straightforward – nominate who you think is the most deserving recipient of the Award in 2019, based on their performance or progress over the last 12 months. Provide rationale of why you think your nominee deserves the Award by 31 October 2019 >> NOMINATE

* You can nominate either your company or any other you believe deserves the Award
* In order to receive the Award, a representative of a Winner has to be present at the Ceremony
* In order to attend the Awards Ceremony, you must be registered for the CEE Automotive Forum or must be a finalist of the Awards. Please enquire about the conditions of your participation by contacting us on: [email protected]

Sponsoring CEE Automotive Awards

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  • Branding on the event web site awards dedicated page

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To find out more about sponsorship options please contact

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The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Through its extensive network of contacts in the public and private sectors, HIPA provides foreign investors with high-quality support for critical investment decisions, and a wealth of supplementary services. HIPA is here to help you through the whole investment process, from start to finish, through a free of charge, one-stop shop service approach.

Upon request HIPA helps to identify and find suppliers and offers to put together a list of experts. It handles its own project portfolio, the (Hungarian Investment Projects – HIP), that contains projects certified by experts that are awaiting foreign capital input. It promotes the re-investment by companies already present in Hungary.

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AVL ZalaZONE is a brand-new, 250-hetar vehicle proving ground in the west of Hungary specifically designed for the development and validation tests of autonomous and electric vehicles and also allowing for the dynamics and durability tests of conventional vehicles.

There are currently 7 track modules available for testing electronic and autonomous vehicles apart from the traditional dynamic surfaces within the framework of the ZalaZONE automotive proving ground project, which is very attractive to European and surrounding development centres.

A special highlight is the unique 1.5 km long 2x2 lane motorway module, where the currently highest, 3rd level of self-driving technologies still under development (highly automated driving, where the system can request driver intervention in certain) can be tested in a real environment.

The other unique track module is the Smart City, a complex urban environment, where the most complex self-driving environment can be reproduced in a fully controllable and infinite number of variations for developers. The outstanding feature of our Smart City is the solid facades with real streets laid interpretable by the LIDAR and Radar sensors of self-driving cars. 

The brand new ADAS surface is where the aforementioned partly automatic autonomous driving can be tested in compliance with all existing standards and requirements, according to the most diverse NCAP scenarios. For all that, we provide a completely equipped passenger and cargo vehicle service indispensable during daily use, with a complete engineering and technical background, necessary for testing the mentioned autonomous driving and autonomous driving assistant technologies.

Besides test track services, AVL ZalaZONE offer complete test solutions with engineering services, technical equipment, workshops with technicians and a fuel station, offices for test-staff, AB Dynamics EuroNCAP equipment for ADAS testing, HD mapping and test drivers.

AVL ZalaZONE’s central building also provides a venue for event experiences. Alongside smaller events, the event centre can accommodate up to 300 guests. The spaces can be separated and fulfil the technical demands of modern events. The state-of-the-art furniture, quality appearance and full-scale services available at the event centre of AVL ZalaZONE provide for an unforgettable experience.

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Slovenian government’s Business Development Agency (SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency) is a single point of contact for potential investors and international companies looking for new business opportunities.

The agency is entrusted with the regulatory, expert and development tasks serving to increase competitiveness of Slovenia's economy in the area of entrepreneurship, internationalization, foreign investment, and technology.

Free of charge, the agency prepares and provides practical information and advice on various business opportunities in Slovenia such as specific investment locations, Slovenian suppliers, individual industries, and markets. 

For investors, the agency provides assistance throughout the whole investment process: in-depth information on local investment opportunities on request as well as guidance on site location and assistance during the selection; connects investors with specific professional services and facilitates introductions with sector experts and other relevant authorities; and once the investment is complete, the agency includes the new business in its aftercare program where it helps it grow in Slovenia and beyond.

Slovenia also aids businesses looking for business partners. The agency has a database of all Slovenian exporters at www.sloexport.si while, on request, it also puts together tailor-made information about Slovenian suppliers.

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Cabka offers one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios of plastic pallets and large-volume pallet boxes. The Cabka Group can look back on several decades of recycling, development, and production expertise for plastics. More than 700 employees work at our eight locations in Europe and the United States to ensure that our products reach customers in more than 80 countries.

We offer ideas and solutions: In addition to lightweight export pallets and durable logistics pallets, we offer customers bespoke solutions that are specifically tailored to their unique logistics supply chain.

Our plastic pallets are available with different material qualities, ranging from low-cost, recycled mixed plastic through to pure and food grade virgin material. We use recycled plastic as a more economically and ecologically sustainable option whenever the intended use allows for it.

We have taken on the recycling process ourselves at our production locations. We have been working in this very demanding field since our inception, and we have grown into Europe’s largest recyclers of household packaging waste with our own product development.

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Since 2011 GQ interim solutions has been operating in the field of industrial production, specializing in the automotive segment. Throughout that time, we have built quality team of experts, suitable for our clients as an interim solution, who help our clients eliminate costs and increase production efficiency.

We are actively involved in implementing innovations and applications that help to manage and implement the latest technologies while smoothly delivering value-added services.

Clients of GQ interim solutions are international companies operating in Slovakia and abroad. Our company provides its services throughout the whole of Europe.

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breuckmann eMobility produces high-quality cast rotors with maximum performance for electric induction motors. By applying newest methods and know-how, which is based on our research efforts in the last years, we developed a unique casting technology for our rotor production. The final result is our premium product, the Zero Porosity Rotor - ZPR®.

The electrified vehicle automotive industry is highly growing but also volatile and under pressure. OEMs and TIER1 need highest efficiency at minimum price for their components, which is often in contrast to their reliability. The Zero Porosity Rotor - ZPR® of breuckmann eMobility GmbH provides a rare earth free, and thus cost efficient and ecological, core component for highest efficiency electric motors and eliminates the biggest quality uncertainty and inefficiency factor which is cast porosity. This will change the industry. Millions of electric cars will be built according to our new industry standard in the coming decades.


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Engia s.r.o., together with its European divisions has been operating on the market since 2004. From the beginning Engia s.r.o. has established itself and become one of the best-known OEMs for which we provide tailored services and solutions. Our services are directed to the OEM / Tier 1 supplier, Product development centers as well as to the project and serial productions.

ENGIA was establish with an ambition to create reliable business partnerships with automotive leaders. Our aim is to bring high-level Interim Management / resident engineering through our automotive industry experts,

Engia provides independent interim managers & external engineers with a fresh look at your organization or project. We have an objective view of what is best for your business

Clients of Engia are international companies operating in Slovakia and abroad. Our company provides its services throughout the whole of Europe.

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3DTEC is industrial company based in Nitra, Slovakia, founded in 2020 with focus on dimensional measurement, 3D scanning and industrial engineering. Company is operating mainly in central europe as provider of external services for automotive industry. We can ensure for our customer everything from full PPAP measurements to production of measurement and fixation tools.

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Time Critical Services

The Royale International Group has been providing tailored logistics solutions with the highest service quality since 1993. With 42 strategic offices in 22 countries globally, Royale is one of the market leaders offering Time Critical Services on a global scale.

Our Comprehensive Network of Worldwide Offices

Amsterdam • Auckland • Bangkok • Bangalore • Beijing • Brisbane • Budapest • Busan • Cape Town • Cebu • Chengdu • Chennai • Dhaka • Dongguan • Dubai • Durban • Dusseldorf • Fiji • Frankfurt • Fuzhou • Guangzhou • Hangzhou • Hong Kong • Hyderabad • Johannesburg • London • Manila • Melbourne • Mumbai • New Delhi • New York • Ningbo • Paris • Pune • Qingdao • Seoul • Silao • Singapore • Shanghai • Shantou • Shenzhen • Sydney • Suzhou,Taipei • Tokyo • Xiamen and Zhongshan

Time Critical Services Offered 

Handcarry / OBC

An experienced On-Board-Courier personally travels alongside your most sensitive shipments. Guarantees highest Airline priority possible.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

A dedicated Express Airfreight solution. Booked directly with world’s major airlines whilst retain visibility throughout.


Our Teams are available day and night to provide you with a

sophisticated Charter solution for your most demanding projects.

Hot Shot

From intra country to cross-border, our hot shot service provides you a rapid yet cost-effective solution.


Our Teams will find innovative Hybrid solutions by combining service levels to get your shipment moving in no time.


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 The HGL group is a Hungarian owned, international freight forwarding agent and customs broker. Providing highly specialist services, our core competences are seated firmly in the CEE region, from where we serve our customers who are predominantly global forwarding partners, multinational and large domestic corporations who require professional, specialised market knowledge and experience.

Our in-house customs brokerage is one of the largest in Hungary and facilitates all Time Critical services with its NON-STOP 24/7/365 availability at Budapest International Airport.

With offices in Budapest, Debrecen, Atlanta, and London, HGL provides a truly international transport and customer service network which our partners rely on to support their own supply chain integrity. 

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Tisza Cipő Zrt. was founded in Martfű in 1939, and then engaged in shoe production for decades. Following the privatization and reorganization in 1991, a holding group of companies was formed, headed by Tisza Cipő Zrt.

Following the final reorganization process in 2007, HR activity appeared as a separate business branch in the life of the company group and the Robotica Business Force HR service provider and headcount management expert was established.

In 2013, the company group expanded its activities to the automotive industry as well and the Serbian-based automotive supplier Tisza Automotive has been established. Regarding the location of the investment, Senta, a city of 20,000 inhabitants from Vojvodina was chosen because of its development potential.

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