7th Central & Eastern European Automotive Forum

The only event dedicated to CEE region bringing together leading OEMs and suppliers from 20+ countries

20-21 October, 2021

Radisson Blu B├ęke Hotel, Budapest, Hungary


How to RESERVE  1-to-1 Meetings?

We will launch the online booking system 2 weeks before the event. We will inform all participants about it by email.

Please note:

  1. You can reserve meetings with up to 3 Hosts
  2. You can book additional meetings at the Forum

Your Host is overbooked?

  1. Approach your hosts during the conference 
    See if you can arrange a short meeting informally by yourself
  2. Approach and message your Hosts via Mobile App
  3. Ask organisers:
    - Leave your mobile and email
    - We will make sure Hosts get your contacts
    - We will try to introduce you informally and face-to-face. This way you can hopefully agree with them directly on a separate meeting, formal or informal.

5000+ Contacts: Linkedin Automotive Group

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How to register? Who will you meet? Watch Video!

Discuss contracts and real business informally
Create personal connections

  • Prescheduled, private, and time-effective
  • Series of 10-min meetings hosted by OEM & Tier suppliers
  • Reserve your time-slots and meet face-to-face

Ideal for Networking

Our automotive conferences are strategic, high-level and networking-focused

Attending will allow you to meet the industry's top-level players in the same place


Comments from our delegates:

One of best annual events for auto executives to meet and do business

Horst Wiedmann,

 Executive VP,  ZF TRW

An excellent place to learn about the needs and drives of the auto industry as well as a place to network

Oehl Volker, 


This is a great platform to collect market intelligence

Peter Biro, 

Purchasing Manager, KNORR-BREMSE

Session Partner

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breuckmann eMobility GmbH
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The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Through its extensive network of contacts in the public and private sectors, HIPA provides foreign investors with high-quality support for critical investment decisions, and a wealth of supplementary services. HIPA is here to help you through the whole investment process, from start to finish, through a free of charge, one-stop shop service approach.

Upon request HIPA helps to identify and find suppliers and offers to put together a list of experts. It handles its own project portfolio, the (Hungarian Investment Projects – HIP), that contains projects certified by experts that are awaiting foreign capital input. It promotes the re-investment by companies already present in Hungary.

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CABKA_IPS offers one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios of plastic pallets and large-volume pallet boxes. The CABKA Group can look back on several decades of recycling, development, and production expertise for plastics. More than 700 employees work at our eight locations in Europe and the United States to ensure that our products reach customers in more than 80 countries.

We offer ideas and solutions: In addition to lightweight export pallets and durable logistics pallets, we offer customers bespoke solutions that are specifically tailored to their unique logistics supply chain.

Our plastic pallets are available with different material qualities, ranging from low-cost, recycled mixed plastic through to pure and food grade virgin material. We use recycled plastic as a more economically and ecologically sustainable option whenever the intended use allows for it.

We have taken on the recycling process ourselves at our production locations. We have been working in this very demanding field since our inception, and we have grown into Europe’s largest recyclers of household packaging waste with our own product development.

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Since 2011 GQsystems has been operating in the field of industrial production, specializing in the automotive segment. We provide a variety of different services with which we try to cover multiple sections to ensure business enhancement and improve business operations. We are actively involved in implementing innovations and applications that help to manage and implement the latest technologies while delivering value-added services more easily.

We help our clients eliminate costs and increase production efficiency. To achieve these goals, we offer a cost reduction program, personnel audit, as well as external automotive specialists who can quickly and reliably find solutions to problems in the production process. Clients of GQsystems are international companies operating in Slovakia and abroad. Our company provides its services throughout the whole of Europe.

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breuckmann eMobility produces high-quality cast rotors with maximum performance for electric induction motors. By applying newest methods and know-how, which is based on our research efforts in the last years, we developed a unique casting technology for our rotor production. The final result is our premium product, the Zero Porosity Rotor - ZPR®.

The electrified vehicle automotive industry is highly growing but also volatile and under pressure. OEMs and TIER1 need highest efficiency at minimum price for their components, which is often in contrast to their reliability. The Zero Porosity Rotor - ZPR® of breuckmann eMobility GmbH provides a rare earth free, and thus cost efficient and ecological, core component for highest efficiency electric motors and eliminates the biggest quality uncertainty and inefficiency factor which is cast porosity. This will change the industry. Millions of electric cars will be built according to our new industry standard in the coming decades.


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Engia s.r.o., together with its European divisions has been operating on the market since 2004. From the beginning Engia s.r.o. has established itself and become one of the best-known OEMs for which we provide tailored services and solutions. Our services are directed to the OEM / Tier 1 supplier, Product development centers as well as to the project and serial productions.

ENGIA was establish with an ambition to create reliable business partnerships with automotive leaders. Our aim is to bring high-level Interim Management / resident engineering through our automotive industry experts,

Engia provides independent interim managers & external engineers with a fresh look at your organization or project. We have an objective view of what is best for your business

Clients of Engia are international companies operating in Slovakia and abroad. Our company provides its services throughout the whole of Europe.

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3DTEC is industrial company based in Nitra, Slovakia, founded in 2020 with focus on dimensional measurement, 3D scanning and industrial engineering. Company is operating mainly in central europe as provider of external services for automotive industry. We can ensure for our customer everything from full PPAP measurements to production of measurement and fixation tools.

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